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Staff Members 

Robert Montifar - Master Instructor  - New Caney, TX

Mr. Robert has been training in martial arts for 30 years and has been teaching for over 25 years. He has been rank in Tae Kwon Do by Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee and GM Pat Burleson. He is also an apprentice instructor of Kajukenbo/Wun Hop Kuen Do under Senior Grandmaster Al Dacascos. Mr. Robert is also the Southwest Region representative of the Jon Escudero Lightning Combatives. A branch of the Lightning Scientific Arnis System. Along with Master Kato Celeste, he is the co-founder of Excell Karate.

Christian Montifar - Instructor

Sensei Christian has been training since 4 years old. ​He's a 3rd degree black belt rank by Grandmaster Pat Burleson.  Christian was rank as one of the top point​ fighters in his division in the state of Texas.